prof. Marc Bracke (MD, PhD)

CRIG group leader
Marc Bracke

Head of laboratory - Laboratory of Experimental Cancer Research (UGent)
Senior full professsor (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UGent)

Research focus

Invasion and metastasis formation are the main causes of cancer patient's death. The lab studies the unmet need for better understanding the molecular mechanisms of invasion and metastasis. Proteolysis of the extracellular matrix, directional migration, loss of intercellular junctions and production of extracellular vesicles are aspects that are relevant for invasion and metastasis. We also adhere to the concept that these activities are only partially determined by the cancer cells, but are sensitive to signals from the tumor ecosystem by collaborating or inhibiting stromal cells. Currently the major emphasis in our research is on the study of cancer-associated fibroblasts and extracellular vesicle biogenesis, isolation and function.

Research team

  • prof. Olivier De Wever (PhD) - associate professor
  • prof. An Hendrix (PhD) - assistant professor
  • dr. Elly De Vlieghere (PhD) - assistant academic staff
  • Johanna Mestach - administrative and technical staff
  • Stephanie Decloedt - administrative and technical staff
  • Glenn Wagemans - administrative and technical staff
  • Wendy Derycke - administrative and technical staff
  • Karlien Van Wesemael - administrative and technical staff
  • Sandor Dedeyne - administrative and technical staff
  • Sandrine Herbelet - doctoral fellow
  • Edward Geeurickx - doctoral fellow
  • Bert Dhondt (MD) - doctoral fellow
  • Joeri Tulkens - doctoral fellow
  • dr. Glenn Vergauwen (MD) - post-doctoral fellow
  • Sofie De Geyter - administrative and technical staff
  • Jan Van Deun - doctoral fellow
  • Lien Lippens - doctoral fellow
  • Davy Waterschoot - administrative and technical staff

Contact & links

  • Laboratory of Experimental Cancer Research, UZ-Gent, 2RTP Entry 98, Corneel Heymanslaan 10, 9000 Gent, Belgium
  • LECR