Louis Van der Meeren

CRIG member
Louis Van der Meeren

Doctoral fellow– Nanobiotechnology (Molecular biotechnology - UGent)
Principal investigators : prof. Andre Skirtach (PhD) & prof. Dmitri Krysko (MD, PhD)


Research focus

We work in to complementary areas. One one hand, we develop novel nano- carriers for drug delivery. In this area, our focus is on therapeutic enzymes, which need to be protected, yet need to remain functional. By encapsulating them into polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules, the enzymes maintain their functionality and are accessible for the substrate for their therapeutic action. A recent class of enzymes was those for treatment of leukemia. 

On the other hand we use multiple unconventional microscopy techniques (mainly atomic force microscopy, but also Raman and holographic microscopy) to research the processes of regulated cell death (RCD) in cancer cells. A better understanding of the RCD pathways helps to clarify problems that arise in cancer treatments but also provides the possibility of discovering new treatment strategies

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