Kevin De Muynck

CRIG member
Kevin De Muynck

Doctoral fellow - Gut-Liver Immunopharmacology unit, Dpt. Basic and Applied Medical Sciences, Fac. Medicine and Health Science, Ghent University
Principal investigator: prof. Lindsey Devisscher (PhD)


Research focus

Unraveling the heterogeneity and functions of (liver) macrophages in context of a disturbed gut-liver axis in chronic liver disease.
The specific project I primarily worked on is in context of primary sclerosing cholangitis and related ulcerative colitis and thus not cancer related. The Liver Research Center Ghent also focuses on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and I have contributed to some extent to research on HCC.

Key publications

  • The Gut-Liver Axis in Chronic Liver Disease: A Macrophage Perspective. Cells. 2021. PMID: 34831182.
  • Effect of isoform-specific HIF-1α and HIF-2α antisense oligonucleotides on tumorigenesis, inflammation and fibrosis in a hepatocellular carcinoma mouse model. Oncotarget. 2020. PMID: 33400730.

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