OncoPoint goes digital - OncoDot.3 symposium


OncoPoint's aim is to provide a common interface to meet fellow cancer researchers from CRIG and discuss, exchange information, and start collaborations.

Due to the corona-crisis, the 2020 OncoPoint meeting was cancelled. To provide a safe yet attractive alternative, we organize the OncoDot series with 3 shorter, online OncoDot symposia spread out over a few months (first two editions were on 7 October 2020 and 27 January 2021, respectively). We guarantee an attractive experience for the online attendants, amongst others with live streaming of selected presentations in a professional studio, a chatbox to ask questions and technical support. For those who missed editions 1 or 2, but want to see the recordings of the full events: please contact us.

Also in the upcoming OncoDot.3 symposium, basic, translational and clinical cancer researchers from CRIG (Ghent University, Ghent University Hospital and VIB-UGent) will present their latest work to each other. There is no admission fee for OncoDot, but registration is obligatory and restricted to UGent, UZ Gent and VIB-UGent collaborators (no external researchers). The OncoDot.3 program will focus on cancer modeling (whereas the OncoDot.1 program focused on precision oncology, and OncoDot.2 on immuno-oncology). General (fundamental, translational and clinical) cancer research is also included in all OncoDot events.


Final program

We look forward to an exciting program with following sections:

  • 4 selected abstract presentations - live streaming of 10' presentations in a professional studio in Ghent
  • 2x 9 storm session presentations - streaming of pre-recorded 2' pitch presentations from research abstracts
  • 2 educational short movies of CRIG proof-of-concept project laureates
  • 2 company pitches


Registration & Abstracts

Registration (deadline 26 April 2021):

  • Registration is free of charge but obligatory! OncoPoint is only accessible for UGent, UZ Gent and VIB-UGent collaborators.
  • Indicate whether or not you will submit an abstract (+ preference for short oral and/or storm session presentation, see further)

Abstract submission (deadline Monday 29 March 2021):

  • Important remark about the scope: this third edition of OncoDot welcomes abstracts on cancer modeling. Abstracts on general (fundamental, translational, and clinical) cancer research can be submitted as well.
  • After registration, please submit your abstract (Word file) by email to CRIG@UGent.be (in cc: Anna.Rose@UGent.be)
  • Please consult your co-authors on possible intellectual property issues.
  • Abstract text should be no more than 250 words, written in English
  • Follow the format as indicated in following example
  • Your abstract can be selected for a short oral presentation (10') or storm session presentation (2') (depending on your preference).
  • Only part of the submitted abstracts will be selected for 10' or 2' presentation during the meeting (due to time limitations)


OncoDot.3 is an online event. Before the meeting, attendants that registered (obligatory) will receive a link and instructions to join the online meeting on April 28. 

The selected abstract (10') presenters will be invited to present their work in a professional studio (in Ghent) where the presentations will be live streamed (with technical support). The organizers will be present to moderate the meeting, and to select questions submitted by the online attendants (via a live chatbox platform).


We invite companies to sponsor the online OncoDot series and get visibility in return! Please contact CRIG coordinator dr. Pieter Rondou (Pieter.Rondou@UGent.be) for sponsoring opportunities and the sponsor package.
We thank the sponsors of OncoDot 2020-2021!  
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OncoDot sponsors


Previous editions

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