dr. Victor R. de la Rosa (PhD)

CRIG member
Victor R. de la Rosa


Postdoctoral researcher - Supramolecular Chemistry Group, Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry (Faculty of Sciences, UGent)
Principal Investigator: prof. Richard Hoogenboom


Research focus

We developed a versatile polymer platform that opens new ways to deliver (bio)pharmaceuticals impacting cancert treatment.  We have a toolbox of poly(2-oxazoline)s (PAOx, POZ, POX), a polymer class with exceptional properties such as biocompatible,  non biodegradable, good cytocompatible, while exhibiting similar stealth behavior as PEG due to their peptidomimetic structure. In addition, PAOx exhibit higher chemical stability and show excellent biodistribution profiles, at present a first PAOx-drug conjugate is in the clinic (phase 1). PAOx are obtained via cationic ring-opening polymerisation (CROP) of 2-oxazolines. End-functional polymers are easy accessible by selection of the intiator and terminator, while side chains are tunable by monomer selection, allowing full control over hydrophilicity, responsiveness, functional handles, clickable groups, copolymer design or more advanced architectures. Their low dispersities in combination with the high functionalization possibities and high versatility by copolymerisation brings us to ideal candidates for polymer-therapeutics (PAOx-drugs,  PAOx-protein, antibody-drug-conjugates or polymer micelles as nano-carriers) improving drug availability, half-life, drug-loading, stability or solubility. 

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