dr. Marlies Bekaert (PhD)

CRIG member
Marlies Bekaert

Advisor pediatric clinical trials, Health, innovation and research institute - CTU (clinical trial unit) 
National study coordinator of the Belgian Society for Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (BSPHO) – National Coordination Cell


Marlies is a member of the Pediatric Coordination Cell and serves as a central point of contact within Health, innovation and research institute for the coordination and set-up of pediatric clinical trials. Additionally, as a National study coordinator of the BSPHO and member of the National Coordination Cell, she is responsible for the coordination of international multicentric trials in Belgian departments of Pediatric Hemato-Oncology in accordance with Belgian Law and ICH-GCP guidelines. This involves facilitating contact between international sponsors and the national investigators, coordinating the start-up of the trials in different Belgian sites and to organize meetings/working groups to support the scientific and experimental collaboration within the BSPHO.  


Marlies Bekaert has a PhD in medical sciences and has performed research on the involvement of adipose tissue in the pathophysiology of obesity-related metabolic complications. She was responsible for the set-up, coordination and patient enrolment in different clinical trials, in close collaboration with the principal investigators. An add-on project involved research on the role of adipose-tissue secreted factors in liposarcoma’s. From November 2015 onwards, she started working at the Clinical Research Center 'Health, innovation and research institute', as an advisor in pediatric clinical trials and as a National study coordinator of the BSPHO.