prof. Sylvie Rottey (MD, PhD)

CRIG group leader
Sylvie Rottey

Head of clinic in the Department of Medical Oncology
Head of the Drug Research Unit Ghent - especially performing phase I trials first in humans - healthy volunteers and oncology 
Medical Oncologist
Clinical Pharmacologist
Professor in Pharmacology


Research focus

For the last fifteen years, prof. dr. Rottey is involved in international high-level research towards novel therapeutic options for patients with various solid tumors. In this matter, immunotherapy is becoming the state of the art for therapy of several solid tumors. As prof. dr. Rottey is leading phase I oncology clinical trials for the last decade, she has worked and continuous to work with different immunotherapies in development. Next, prof. dr. Rottey is continuously involved in high-quality state of the art research for both novel therapeutic options for patients with solid tumors (both genitourinary; namely urothelial carcinoma, renal cell carcinoma and prostate cancer; and head and neck tumors) as well as new diagnostic biomarkers that could have predictive and prognostic value in these patient populations.


  • Medical doctor, Ghent University, 1993-2000, 
  • Board certificate of internal medicine, 2002
  • Member of staff department Medical Oncology University Hospital Ghent, 2003
  • PhD: Doctor in Medical Science, 99mTc-HYNIC Annexin-V for monitoring responsor to chemotherapy: methodology and feaibility studies, 2007
  • Professor in Pharmacology, 2011

Research team

  • prof. Sylvie Rottey - principal investigator
  • dr. Griet Van Lancker – co-investigator
  • dr. Brant Delafontaine (MD) – co-investigator, researcher
  • dr. Greet Schelfaut - co-investigator
  • dr. Tijl Vermassen (PhD) - post-doctoral researcher
  • Stijn De Keukeleire - doctoral fellow 
  • Team D.R.U.G. 

Key publications

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