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Prof. Liv Veldeman investigated an improved position to irradiate breast cancer patients

Prof. Liv Veldeman and team investigated how breast cancer patients can be irradiated while lying in prone position. In that position, the radiation dose can be reduced and surrounding organs can be protected.
Following video (in Dutch) nicely demonstrates this research, which was supported by 'Kom op tegen Kanker'.


Bestraling in buiklig

Dankzij jullie steun kon professor Liv Veldeman (UZ Gent) uitzoeken hoe borstkankerpatiënten bestraald kunnen worden terwijl ze op hun buik liggen. In die houding kan de bestralingsdosis verkleind en de omliggende organen gespaard worden.

Posted by Kom op tegen Kanker on Tuesday, January 2, 2018


(banner photography credit: Kimberly Verniers, CRIG member)