NV Sterckx supports cancer research at CRIG for 25000 EUR in the context of its 50-year anniversary


NV Sterckx, a family company in Roeselare active in mushroom cultivation, engaged to support cancer research at CRIG in the context of the 50-year anniversary of the company.

Karel Sterckx:

Unfortunately, several of our family members and close friends were diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, we hope by supporting cancer research, better techniques will be developed to detect cancer faster and to improve cancer treatment. We have close contacts within CRIG, and we aim to stimulate promising research within CRIG. For this, we succeeded to raise the nice amount of 25 000 EUR.

The full amount will be used to support new cancer research projects within CRIG. A warm thank you to NV Sterckx and all sponsors for this great action!

Also read the article in the press on NV Sterckx and this action (in Dutch; published by Het Nieuwsblad on Nov 29, 2017)


NV Sterckx supports CRIG