Fragment Analyzer (Advanced Analytical)

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fragment analyzer

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- mode of action: capillary system (similar to labchip) to determine fragment size

- depending on DNA or RNA run; 2,5ul needed: DNA (5-500 picogram/ul) en RNA (2.5 ng/ul). DNA kit (50-1500bp max). Maybe extra kit for 20kb

- you can expect a electropherogram – indication of size length, quantity (concentration), smear analysis

for RNA kit: quality of the sample

- analysis of DNA/RNA fragment length

- bio-analyser: fragment analyser has 12 capillaries, so run is 1 hour, so each sample is one hour -> better separation of fragments while bio-analyser all samples go through 1 capillary; FFPE is possible + RNA from plant material

Bio-analyser is faster. Labchip is no longer distributed, fragment analyser replaces it 




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