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Bimetra is the Clinical Research Centre of Ghent University Hospital (UZGent) in collaboration with Ghent University (UGent).

Bimetra wants to reinforce the leading scientific position of the UZGent and UGent, by creating a solid framework where clinicians and researchers can focus on translating their research into novel (healthcare) applications. Bimetra facilitates and integrates different aspects of translational biomedical research and catalyzes translational research from bench to bedside to community:

  • Bimetra Valorization focuses on informing and facilitating researchers in their search for funding opportunities, Intellectual Property Rights, licensing and public-private partnerships. Concurrently, local translational expertise is gathered to stimulate collaborations towards societal and economical valorization
  • Bimetra Clinics facilitates ethico-legal aspects of investigator-initiated (academic) and industry-initiated (commercial) clinical trials, monitoring of clinical trials
  • Bimetra Biobank forges a high quality central biorepository, offers service facility in sample access, (cryogenic) storage, preparation, QA/QC and ethico-legal aspects of biobanking. A major focus is to facilitate academic oncological research by integrating historical and prospective collections and linking local strategic collections to (inter)national biobank initiatives (Belgian Virtual Tumorbank, Flemish Biobank Network and Belgian node of the BBMRI-Eric)
  • Bimetra Translational Data Management (TDM) facilitates TDM including biobank information management. Furthermore, it explores novel tools and applications for clinical trial data management and reuse of clinical and research data, in close collaboration with other Clinical Research Centres and sample locators
  • Bimetra Networking and core Facilities focuses upon strategic outreaching towards networks and capabilities relevant for translational research, hence disseminating and reinforcing translation expertise@Ghent.





Ghent University Hospital - 1K5 (entrance 81), Corneel Heymanslaan 10, 9000 Ghent

  • Valorisation -
  • Bimetra Clinics -; 32 9 332 05 00
  • Biobank (offices) -; +32 9 332 09 12
  • Translational Data Management -

Ghent University Hospital - DWR -1 (entrance 46), Corneel Heymanslaan 10, 9000 Gent

  • Biobank (for samples, please call first) -; +32 9 332 36 73 or +32 9 332 09 73