Kankercongres 2018- ‘Kanker, van onderzoek tot hoop’

Kankercongres 2018 - ‘Kanker, van onderzoek tot hoop’ - will take place on Saturday November 24 in Ghent.

Poster invitation


What is 'Kankercongres'?

After last year’s success, a new edition of a symposium on cancer is organized in Ghent. Experts (including many CRIG researchers!) bring a clear overview of the latest developments in cancer research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Next to plenary presentations, there are also meet-the-expert sessions and a panel debate with relevant stakeholders (moderated by Ivan De Vadder). Accreditation is requested. All information and registration via www.kankercongres.com.


Target audience?

The aim is to inform a broad target audience of specialists, researchers, patients, students, and anyone that has interest in the topic. The experts will give clear and informative presentations (in Dutch).



Kankercongres 2018 is an initiative of ‘Cancer Research Institute Ghent’ and ‘Kankercentrum UZ Gent’, ‘Beautiful After Breast Cancer’, ‘Stop Darmkanker’, en the ‘Center for Oncological Research’ (UAntwerpen).